La vera storia di Cappuccetto Rosso

La vera storia di Cappuccetto Rosso

author Laura Simeoni 

illustrations of Luna Colombini 




collection: album



October 2015 

4 years and older, pages 24, cm. 21 x 30 

isbn 9788899064204, € 13,00 

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Few people know what really happened before the story of Little Red Riding Hood started, and fewer know what happened afterwards. As a child Little Red Riding Hood played with a wolf cub named Cyrus and they were very good friends. But when the wolf became an adult hunters took him away, thinking he was a dangerous predator. We all know what happened the next time they met. Little Red Riding Hood brings breakfast to her grandmother whom the wolf has eaten; the hunter kills the wolf and extracts from its belly the still alive grandmother. But there is also an untold ending. After the hunter has gone, Little Red Riding Hood recognizes in the open belly of the wolf her old friend Cyrus. Grandmother rushes to rescue him and, from that day onwards, all three lived together happily ever after. The true friendships last beyond any obstacles and beyond any fairy tale.