Mole Town

Mole Town

author Torben Kuhlmann 

illustrations of Torben Kuhlmann 




collection: album



October 2015 

4 years and older, pages 32, cm. 21 x 28 

isbn 9788899064167, € 14,00 

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Only one mole is living there to begin with, deep beneath the green meadow. There is everything in abundance. Very soon more and more moles move to under the meadow. But increasing numbers of moles require an expanding infrastructure. Simple mole-holes become intricate habitations. Underground roads lead hither and thither, railways and elevators whiz up and down. The underworld is teeming with thousands of workers. More and more of the green meadow disappears beneath the rows of molehills until eventually hardly more than a greybrown wilderness remains, overshadowed by the mine head towers, chimneys and electricity pylons of Mole Town. It is the eleventh hour when the moles realise how deserving of protection their meadow really is. A dystopian tale of a society of moles and the destruction of their underground environment.