Le case degli altri bambini

Le case degli altri bambini

author Luca Tortolini 

illustrations of Claudia Palmarucci 



rights sold: French and Simplified Chinese language 

collection: album

theme: recounting the present, the difficulty of growing up, another point of view 


August 2015 

6 years and older, pages 48, cm. 24 x 33  

isbn 9788899064143, € 14,50 

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Ten kids and ten different ways of living in a house. Ten short stories telling different childhoods, portraited beyond windows, walls and doors. Small hauses, or enormous ones, full of people of full of things. Houses looking like stables, made of wood or tin. Silent houses, or full of music. Houses where you can just imagine the movie, houses having a precise smell. Houses which are not hotels and houses which are hotels. Houses that really exist and houses it could be nice if they would exist. In each one there is someone acting and moving: fat, happy, sad...House means 'shell', not always comfortable. Inside kids are looking for their own dimension. Each house, as each kid, represents a new story. The eleventh house, the Claudia's one, is plenty of pastels, paint brushes and everywhere there are sheets of paper. Claudia, as adult, will use them to paint stories with other kids...