Il mare nel deserto

Il mare nel deserto

author Silvia Paradisi 

illustrations of Leticia Ruifernández 




collection: album

theme: big questions, another point of view 


July 2015 

for children 4 years, pages 32, cm. 30,8 x 27  

isbn 9788899064006, € 16,50 

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An oasis: a blue dot in a sea of yellow. A small pool of water all day is arguing with a high palm tree that is next. Puddle - convinced of being the sea - complains of being in the wrong place, while the palm confident of his wisdom- tries in vain to make her reasoning. In a place far away, on the coast, a widow is living with her daughter. While the old palm and the oasis are still discussing what it is necessary to be truly the sea - shells, seagulls, a girl who swims - the mother decides to leave town with her daughter, and to return to her home town, just near the remote oasis in the desert. And that's where their destinies - that of the water hole and that of the child - meet. Will some shells falling from a pocket, along with two faithful seagulls and a little girl swimming, transform an oasis in a true sea? Or, finally, having understood her role in the world it makes that oasis a sea?