La zattera

La zattera

author Olivier de Solminihac 

illustrations of Stéphane Poulin 

translation of Paolo Cesari 



collection: album

theme: big questions 


June 2015 

for children 4 years, pages 28, cm. 23,5 x 31,5  

isbn 9788899064136, € 13,90 

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Here we are finally on a beach with dunes, away from the crowd of umbrellas. We just have to put ourselves in bathing suit, lay the cloth, and throw in the waves. Too bad! Everything -even the bucket- remained at home. Michao forgot to put them in the trunk! And now? No fear. There are algae, shells, pieces of wood ... everything you need to start developing a small raft ... A raft to escape from boredom thanks to the ability to create something with your hands and with your imagination.