I tre doni

I tre doni


author Lev Tolstoj 

illustrations of Juan Bernabeu 





theme: big questions 


June 2015 

, pages 32, cm. 21 x 28,5  

isbn 9788899064174,  

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Living in a paradise on earth, the men did not know the disease and fatigue, and lived up to exactly one hundred years. But suddenly they began to quarrel, and everyone thinking by himself. So God thought three remedies to make men understand what they had lost and how to find it again. He gave them the trouble, to induce them to work together and to make them more united. But the men knew only how to exploit each other, dividing from each other more and more. He gave them the death that could catch them, hoping that this did him understand how serious it was to waste life. But in this way who was stronger overpowered who was weaker. Finally God gave them the disease, so that the healthy would assist the sick. But it did not. And then God let alone men. But eventually people began to understand that the only reasonable thing that every man can do, is spend in love and harmony, the years, months, hours and minutes that are allocated to each human being.