Quanta terra serve a un uomo?

Quanta terra serve a un uomo?

author Annelise Heurtier 

illustrations of Raphaël Urwiller 

translation of Paolo Cesari 



collection: album

theme: big questions 


April 2015 

from seven years and, pages 36, cm. 31 x 18  

isbn 9788899064082, € 15,00 

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Pachòm, a siberian farmer, lives in his small piece of land with his wife and his three children. He is not rich, but the family lacks nothing. However, he is unsatisfied and he is thinking how would have been happy if he have had more land. He decides to buy more land but he is still not happy. Because he knew that in the land of nomads Baškiri fertile land would be sold cheaply, he decides to leave. Reached that country so far away, the head of the nomads proposes an agreement to him: all the land of which he manages to walk the perimeter within a day's walk will be his for thousand rubles only. At one condition, however: he must come back to him by sunset, otherwise he shall lose the rubles. The farmer, confident, accepts the agreement but the greed will be fatal for him. Joyce defined it as the most beautiful story ever written; this is a story that drags the reader to the pace of the increasingly insane ambitions of the protagonist.