Mr. Ubik!

Mr. Ubik!

author David Wiesner 

illustrations of David Wiesner 




collection: album

theme: laughter and smiles, another point of view, stories of the visionary and the absurd 


February 2015 

for children 4 years, pages 32, cm. 28 x 23  

isbn 9788899064013, € 15,00 

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Lying between mechanical mice and false balls of yarn, Mister Ubik is bored. Suddenly his attention is awake. Under the radiator there is a great turmoil. No one noticed that the little spaceship is not a toy. No one sees that the spaceship dropped a group of tiny aliens. Discovered, the aliens escaped from his claws, they are safe in the shelter of the ants. The insects help them in repairing the damaged spaceship. The cat is alert but he can not do anything against the cunning and agility of the aliens. They reach luckily the repaired spaceship. They fly away trough the window, direction: the great space. At home no one noticed anything. Nobody would know this story if the ants had not made a graffiti on the walls of their den.