La creazione

La creazione

author Dino Buzzati 

illustrations of Gerda Märtens 



rights sold: Estonian language 


theme: laughter and smiles, stories of the visionary and the absurd 


April 2015 

for all ages, pages 48, cm. 24 x 32  

isbn 9788896806043, € 13,50 

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After creating stars, galaxies and nebulae, the Almighty would have a rest, but a host of angels architects, all in agreement with each other, submit him a project 'full of life'. Each architect is seeking for approval for his single part of the entire project: from mosses to elephants, trough dragons with many tails and cats with just one, from whale and sequoias, from butterflies to flies, each project is approved. At the end of the evening comes another angel whit his project rolled up under his arm, shows it to the Creator and the Almighty sees the man and the woman....Shape and charatheristics do not convince the Creator : his is the only project that is rejected. All the others architects get to work : the world takes shape and begins to come to life; just the boring angel is upset. But the Allmighty and Omniscient is also kind, very very kind and, maybe for exhaustion, at the very end signs the latter project. The rest is history.