Per fare il ritratto di un pesce

Per fare il ritratto di un pesce

author Pascale Petit 

illustrations of Maja Celija 

translation of Rosa Chefiuta & Co 



collection: album

theme: laughter and smiles, another point of view, stories of the visionary and the absurd 


March 2015 

for children 7 years, pages 52, cm. 30 x 21,2 

isbn 9788899064099, € 15,00 

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Two twisted and alternated stories at the same time: one is recounted by words and pictures, one is recounted just by drawings. In the first one, the main character is a man who do want to paint a fish on his picture. In the second story the main characters are kids who are looking for a fish, in flesh and bones. The man arrives at the seaside looking for inspiration but suddenly falls asleep and his painting begins to float above water. The kids, captured the fish, get the painting too, and start to drawing it with a moltitude of animals. The same animals the man is dreaming of at that moment. When he wakes up, the fish that should be just painted actually is in flesh and bones in the bowl abandoned by the children already gone. A short story or a long poem by Pascale Petit, wonderful poetess and storyteller of surreal. The visionary illustrations by Maja Celija insinuate into the words letting us read two different stories. A tale where imagination and reality are perfectly blended.