La pantera sotto il letto

La pantera sotto il letto

author Andrea Bajani 

illustrations of Mara Cerri 




collection: album

theme: Overcome fear, The difficulty of growing up, Another point of view 


March 2015 

for children 7 years, pages 44, cm. 21,4 x 30,8  

isbn 9788899064068,  

non disponibile

The panther under the bed. Father and child in front of the night. In that mountain house, sorrounded by silence, the young girl knows very well that in the dark everything will disappear. For that reason she comes to an understanding with her father: not to be swallowed, for night pees, she can keep a old pan under her bed. The sleep doesn't come, instead, timely, she needs pissing. Under the bed, the young girl doesn't find only the pan: a panther, black and mysterious as the night, is waiting for her. To face to the panther is almost how to face to the night: both scare, but both could be explored. The adults believe that a bulb is enough to have back the world rapted by the dark, but, during that magic night, the father too do agree: beyond the closed door there is nothing, anymore. The young girl faced to the panther and now he knows the mistery of the dark that made the mountain disappear. Now she knows the night and it will be easy to ride it by her pan, as a surfboard on the surface of another mystery: the sea.