Il porto/The Port

Il porto/The Port










February 2015 

for children 5 years, pages 16, cm. cm. 22 x 30  

isbn 9788899064037, € 9,50 

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The game of words and images to learn English language • EIGHT ILLUSTRATED MAPS, for eight different sceneries: the house, the beach, the station, the town, the office, the farm, the country, the port. Eight amazing posters full of colours and details. • EIGHT CARDS, in English language, with repositionable stickers which the child can stick on the images in the maps. Really young kids or foreign kids will learn new words using the stickers to recognize them in the maps and to stick them on the images. Older kids will learn English words and will have fun whit the big maps. Adults will teach children a new world of words, playing with them and having beautiful posters to hang on walls, in bedrooms or school classes. Every word is a thing, every map is a scene FOR KIDS WHO: • are studying English FOR ADULTS WHO: • want to teach new words in English language, in classes or at home • want to teach to read images • want to entertain kids with a game that improve imagination.