La mia famiglia selvaggia

La mia famiglia selvaggia

author Laurent Moreau 

illustrations of Laurent Moreau 




collection: album

theme: laughter and smiles; another point of view; big questions 


November 2014 

4 years and older, pages 28, cm. cm. 25 x 30  

isbn 9788896806890, € 15,50 

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We don't need an eagle-eye to notice that! Daddy could be very wild, but he loves sunbathing, as a lion. Mummy, beautiful and tall as a giraffe, looks like a model. The little brother is always in a daze, as a bird. Cousins are easily recognizable: they wince, as monkeys. Then, the grandparents, the aunt and uncle and all the relatives. We should not forget the best friend, who will become her lover if he doesn't run away as a cheetah. At the end the young girl, the voice of the book. Blinking she invites us to discover her particularity. Maybe she could be striped, as a zebra... An amazing homage to the surprising singularity of our beloved.