author Torben Kuhlmann 

illustrations of Torben Kuhlmann 

translation of Damiano Abeni 



collection: album

theme: memory, big questions 


October 2014 

6 years and older, pages 96, cm. cm. 21 x 28  

isbn 9788896806968, € 19,50 

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Germany 1912. For a little bookworm, actually a bookmouse, thousand of risks. Moreover, suddently in town appeared some terribles snares. What to do? It should be necessary to leave, to migrate, but the cats are all around supervising ports and railway stations. What a brilliant idea! He needs to fly away to the other side of the ocean. All the ancient books the mouse read are very useful, expecially the Leonardo's drawings, and in the Hamburg basements he finds the necessary to build his flying machine: old wheels, marbles, keys of typewriter and lighters. Two failed attempts but the mouse goes ahead and do not give up. New projects and new improvements for the brave little mouse, escaped from the terrible look of the owls, controlling the sky space too. Finally he reaches New York, where all his friends are waiting for him. He is already a legend on the walls of the city. A kid, enchanted, is watching the poster of the little flying mouse and dreaming on his future as pilot. That kid was Charles Lindbegh