Il cane e la luna

Il cane e la luna

author Alice Barberini 

illustrations of Alice Barberini 



rights sold: French (Europe only) and Korean language 

collection: album



September 2015 

3 years and older, cm. cm. 20 x 28 

isbn 9788899064129, € 16,90 

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A little dog working in a circus has fallen in love with a paper moon hanging down the big top. It’s a complicated love story. The paper moon is old and broken and it’s ready to be thrown away. The dog escapes from the circus with the moon in its cart, but once in the big city, Paris, it experiences loneliness, hunger and cold, until a young boy picks the dog up. But also for the moon who was left alone on the pavement, there is a place in the world: it is 1902 and that elegant man who picks it up is Georges Méliès. The poster of “Le Voyage dans la lune” will make it famous forever.