Renna bianca

Renna bianca

author Kim Sena 

illustrations of Kim Sena 




collection: album

theme: stories of the visionary and the absurd, other animals 


November 2014 

4 years and older, pages 36, cm. cm. 24 x 25  

isbn 9788896806982,  

non disponibile

Hannah’s dad works outdoor in the forests. She and her mother take a train to visit him and for Hannah it is always really exciting. Hannah is holding on her knees a small tree that has little goldfish around it – her hearth keeps them warm, her father told her when he gave it to her. In their compartment Mister Reindeer arrives, a classy man with a head of a reindeer. He is followed by a group of frogs. Hannah’s mother complains about the frogs and Mr Reindeer apologises and offers some chocolates. There are black chocolates for humans, that can make people’s imagination come true, and red chocolates for non-humans as himself, he says. Hannah eats the black one, but her mother, taking the red one, turns into a frog immediately. Hannah asks her mum back, but Mr Reindeer says it is impossible. Hannah notices that Mr Reindeer is sad because he is missing one of his antlers. She gives him her little tree that becomes his new antler with all the fish around. Hannah opens her eyes and realizes that she is in the cabin with her mum who is sleeping; outside the window, a reindeer is in the forest staring at her. It looks no more sad and lonely. Was it all just a dream?