Il pezzo perduto incontra la grande O

Il pezzo perduto incontra la grande O

author Shel Silverstein 

illustrations of Shel Silverstein 

translation of Damiano Abeni 



collection: album

theme: laughter and smiles, another point of view, big questions, recounting diversity 


September 2014 

4 years and older, pages 96, cm. 17 x 22,5 

isbn 9788896806920, € 19,00 

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It sits alone on the black line crossing the page, the missing piece. All alone and sad. It's waiting for someone who notices it and takes it with, somewhere. The first occasions were disappointing: too delicate or too rude, or even too much distract or too close. Finally the right meeting...They fit! Everything is rolling for the best, but the missing piece suddently begins to grow and grow... No more understanding and the missing piece is newly alone. Still, too much big and sharp, unable to roll by itself, it sat again alone waiting for someone coming along. Then, a new meeting with someone different: a big O. It's gentle but determined not to take it with. Just when the missing piece decides , hardly, to wear off its corners, to roll by itself, they will meet each other again...