L'ultimo viaggio

L'ultimo viaggio


author Irène Cohen-Janca 

illustrations of Maurizio A. C. Quarello 

translation of Paolo Cesari 


rights sold: English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Romanian and Korean language 

collection: album

theme: memory, war and peace, another point of view  


January 2015 

from 8 years and old, pages 60, cm. 20x30 cm 

isbn 9788899064020,  

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November 20th, 1940. As a circus parade, waving the flag of the children republic, 160 little Jews, led by doctor Korczak, are leaving their old, big and beautiful orphanage for the new one, which is smaller and set on the other side of Warsaw, inside the ghetto. They have to go, a last glimpse to the windows of the house where they were happy with doctor Korczak, who taught respect and love for children to everybody. The ghetto is part of the same town, but it's also a foreign country, a prison for Jews. Day by day, new Jewish people arrive. Soon, there is no more space. Some of those people have no home. They are forced to live on the street, freezing to death. October 26th, 1941. Dr Korczak’s children are moving again to an even smaller house. They are still alive just thanks to memories of the good times when they were discovering the beauty of the world. Food is missing, warmth is missing, freedom is missing, dignity is missing. In Warsaw ghetto everything is missing. The entire world has forgotten about them. And the German soldiers won’t let Jewish children grow up: on the 4th of August 1942, there were 192 of them on the train that would carry them away. Doctor Korczak headed them, proud to be there for the travel. Their last one.