Re Tigre

Re Tigre

author James Thurber 

illustrations of JooHee Yoon 

translation of Damiano Abeni 


rights sold: French, English and Simplified and Complex Chinese language 


theme: war and peace, recounting the present, laughter and smiles, big questions 


June 2014 

7 years and older, pages 32, cm. 19,5 x 19,5 

isbn 9788896806876,  

non disponibile

One day, in the jungle, a tiger wakes up and decides to become king. Giving up the power? It doesn't even cross the lion's mind! Then it's a wild face-off. Each beast, from Alligator to Zebra is fighting, all day long, without knowing the real cause, for whom and what for. When the moon raises the jungle appears empty: all beasts but the tiger are dead. To be king, oh yes, but in a kingdom without subjects. Simply and caustic, this is the Thurber's moral: "You can’t very well be king of beasts if there aren’t any." A fable of today, written by a big american humorist to let us meditate on the vacuity of male power and on the inutility of war. Illustrated by a korean very young talent who is already becoming a star: JooHee Yoon.