Il leone e l'uccellino

Il leone e l'uccellino

author Marianne Dubuc 

illustrations of Marianne Dubuc 

translation of Paolo Cesari 


rights sold: lingua francese 

collection: album

theme: recounting diversity, big questions 


June 2014 

3 years and older, pages 80, cm. 19 x 24 

isbn 9788896806869,  

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Autumn is coming. It's time to migrate. A bird is separating from his flock and is falling down. He has a broken wing. Kindly and carefully a lion takes care of him and heals his wound. Now the bird could fly again but his friends are long far away. The winter is coming and it's getting very cold, so the lion open his home. They share the warmth of the fireplace, the friendliness of eating together, the joy of playing in the snow. Then it's spring again and flocks are flying in the sky. Lion and bird are sad by the separation, but it's necessary. The lion restarts with his habits and, sometimes, looking up the sky he aches his friend. Until then it's autumn again and he hears a tweet and sees a bird separating from his flock... A book recounting friendship and a way of learning it's possible to take care of someone without stopping him to take wing.