I giganti e le formiche

I giganti e le formiche

author Cho Won hee 

illustrations of Cho Won hee 




collection: album

theme: another point of view, recounting diversity, overcome fear, stories of the visionary and the absurd 


May 2014 

3 years and older, pages 40, cm. 21 x 30 

isbn 9788896806807,  

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Two giants, a woman and a man. Black haired and powerful armed. They live in the wilderness. Because of their huge size they should have scared animals. But it's not so. His arms are solid branches and safe refuge for small birds, his strong fingers are delicate in healing wounded wings. She loves ants and she spends hours just watching their movements. She is careful not to kill them. Birds swing and fly all around the giant man untill he becomes almost stunned. The ants, carefully, cover her by a blanket of leaves while she's sleeping. A love story. A mutual love story. Between the two giants and Nature, between her and him.