Issun Boshi

Issun Boshi

author Icinori 

illustrations of Icinori 




collection: album

theme: stories of the visionary and the absurd  


April 2014 

5 years and older, pages 32, cm. 21,2 x 33,8  

isbn 9788896806838,  

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Two old farmers eaged having a son. Their prayer was satisfied and a boy arrived. He was, however, not taller than a finger. He was small but very brave. Issun Boshi, this is his name, decided to leave from the parents' farm, looking for a place in the world really suitable for him. He took with him the parents' presents: a needle as sword a bowl as shield. On his way he meets a monstrous creature. This horrible giant proposes him an exchange. If Issun Boshi is able to bring him back the treasure of the Lord of the town, he promises, by his mallet, to make him grow taller and taller. The creature promises the same heights the parents forgot to gave him. Issun Boshi won't steal anything, so he leaves the ogre to his destiny and goes ahead on his way. As soon as he arrived in town, he begins dancing and singing for the bored princess. He discovers love and one day, when he is in the forest playing with the beloved princess, the ogre arrives and suddently gulps him down. Issun Boshi doesn't quail at all and from the stomach of the creature reacts and fights as long as the ogre must throw him up. The giant runs away. The brave Issun Boshi grabs the magic mallet and begins getting taller and he wins the princess's love.