Cantico di Fratello Sole

Cantico di Fratello Sole


illustrations of Mariana Chiesa Mateos 





theme: memory, recounting the present 


December 2013 

all ages, pages 18, cm. 16,2 x 30,4  

isbn 9788890900105,  

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Sun, moon, air, water, fire, creatures, earth, death, in the bright text of Francis. As an invitation, a prophetic call, to wake up the moral responsabilities with the aim of keeping eyes open, wide open, on the world. The Mariana Chiesa's artwork turns on again the text of Cantico, written on the beginning of the italian poetry in 13th century, actualizing its meaning and the truth contained in it. In a countinous counterpoint between the present and the ancient text, this is an artist book, entirely hand made, it's a limited edition, printed by silkscreen in five colors.