L'uovo meraviglioso

L'uovo meraviglioso

author Dahlov Ipcar 

illustrations of Dahlov Ipcar 




collection: album

theme: other animals 


February 2014 

3 years and older, pages 48, cm. 25,5 x 19,7 

isbn 9788896806784,  

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White, smoothed, enormous. And, of course, oval: a wonderful egg sat all alone many many centuries ago in the very milddle of the verdant jungle, in a blue-green mossy nest at the base of a giant fern tree. Where did it come from? And who laid it down? Dahlov Ipcar takes us back to a prehistorical world, discovering the wonderful world of soaring, swimming and thundering huge creatures: the dinosaurs. Let's learn to know them and their direct successors still living with us.