author Laurent Moreau 

illustrations of Laurent Moreau 

translation of Paolo Cesari 



collection: album

theme: big questions 


January 2014 

6 years and older, pages 44, cm. cm. 19,5 x 24 

isbn 9788896806821,  

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Seasons succeed one after another and a boy wonders about the meaning of afterwards, sharing his emotions and feelings with the reader. After a bath, shivers they come, after a race there comes the short breath; after a separation there comes the happiness of a meeting, silence after the anger. In Nature a seed becomes a plant, the fruit comes after the flower, and the boy reflects on the sense of growing: after birthday I'm a little bit older; after many years shall I be changed? After this second, a different one will come; what is there, beyond the horizon? In the imagination of childhood, life, time passing, questions about the future, happiness of the present moment.