author BlexBolex 

illustrations of BlexBolex 

translation of Paolo Cesari 



collection: album

theme: stories of the visionary and the absurd 


November 2013 

6 years and older, pages 280, cm. cm. 13 x 17,5  

isbn 9788896806760, € 18,00 

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Page after page, word after word: witches, goblins, bandits and strangers, forests, rivers, and unexplored places, things appearing, characters disappearing. The plot thickens and becomes a mystery story. Enchantments, accidents and kidnappings that even the police and the army cannot foil. At the very end, a stranger will be able to find the kidnapped queen and rescue the town. An engaging story that Blexbolex creates basing on geometric progression: seven chapters and only three words at the start grow up to one hundred twenty-nine at the finish line.