Piccolo elefante cresce

Piccolo elefante cresce

author Sesyle Joslin 

illustrations of Leonard Weisgard 



rights sold: Russian language 

collection: album



October 2014 

3 years and older, cm. | cm. 15,4 x 17,7 

isbn 1234,  

non disponibile

It was the night of Baby Elephant’s great adventure, when he was to go off by himself, all alone! In preparation he ate a double helping of everything for supper as well as the very special dessert Mother Elephant had made for the occasion. Thus strengthened, he carefully chose what he should wear, and he also took his lantern, his sword, and his Bear with him. Then, having said good-bye to his family and armed with the basket of food Mother Elephant gave him, he sallied forth. What happens in his great adventure makes a story that will keep small children chuckling with delight right up to the surprise ending.