Giallo giallo

Giallo giallo

author Frank Asch 

illustrations of Mark Alan Stamaty 



rights sold: French, Korean, English (North America), Complex Chinese and Simplified Chinese language 

collection: album

theme: Another point of view, Recounting the present, Recounting diversity, Big questions, Another point of view, Difficulty of growing up 


November 2013 

3 years and older, pages 48, cm. 32x24 

isbn 9788896806777,  

non disponibile

A city in black and white. Crazy, chaotic, full of things. A child finds an abandoned helmet -yellow yellow. It becomes his hat. Everybody is looking at him with suspicion, surprise, caution, but he goes around in the city, proud and careless. As long as an adult, ten times taller than him, takes the yellow yellow helmet back. It belongs to him, so the child loses it forever. But, at home, with just his yellow crayon and his fantasy, the little boy will make a new one. And the story can start again.