12. Polly gioca alla mamma

12. Polly gioca alla mamma

author Peter Newell 

illustrations of Peter Newell 

translation of Marco Graziosi 



collection: Peter Newell

theme: laughter and smiles, overcome fear 


August 2013 

for children 3 years, pages 20, cm. 11x11,5 

isbn 9788896806739,  

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BETTER A NOISY NURSLING OR A BULKY ELEPHANT? Naps. Siestas. Forty winks. Little rests. Polly loves them. All of them, without preference. Sitting in an armchair, lying on the lawn, bent over doing her homework, sitting at the piano, it makes no difference. After a while an irresistible, vague torpor comes over her. Her eyelids become heavy, her eyes start closing. Many people thinks she’s a sleepyhead, a lazybones. But they’re wrong. Polly is awake, very awake. Her eyes shut so she can see better.