Quasi ninna, quasi nanna

Quasi ninna, quasi nanna

author Mariana Chiesa Mateos 

illustrations of Mariana Chiesa Mateos 





theme: poetry and verse stories 


July 2013 

for children 3 years, pages 64, cm. 21x22  

isbn 9788896806685,  

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It's getting dark. Night is falling. A mother is lulling a baby, closed in an hug like in a safe nest. She is accompanying him into his dreams. Dreams of games, of far places, of transformations, dreams of challenges and battles, dreams of frights or hesitations. It's thin like a mirror the limit between dream and reality, between the beauty and ugliness in the world. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Play Indians or shoot by real guns? At school desks or on the streets? Will you play in a garden or work in a construction site? Calm and quite is the mamma's voice, sweet is the rhyme. True is the story. A lullaby for life, a hymn for freedom, a whispered shout for a better world.