Il nuotatore

Il nuotatore

author Paolo Cognetti 

illustrations of Mara Cerri 




collection: album

theme: recounting the present, overcome fear 


June 2013 

young adults, adults, pages 60, cm. 17,5x27,8 

isbn 9788896806661,  

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One faceless writer. One nameless boy. Two fears. Loosing inspiration and looking dominated by childhood tremblings. In a muggy night the writer dreams his own tale, worrying to forget it at the awakening. Heat, frustration, a silent city, an oppressive roof make him dreaming about a young swimmer. A twelve-year-old boy during training has to prove his valour in face of everyone. He has to jump in a stretch of water in a cave. The young boy is very nervous on the trampoline and he looks around hesitating. He crosses the trainer’s strict eyes. He jumps. And the water lulls him to the depth. There, the writer and the character look at each other and recognize themselves and their fears. They realize they need to breathe again and to swim to the surface. A stretch of water, a mirror with images and words reflected. A game which changes the point of view in the course of reading. A book, poetic like a held deep breath, and soft like the stuff of dreams.