Spiaggia magica

Spiaggia magica

author Crockett Johnson  

illustrations of Crockett Johnson  

translation of Elena Fantasia 

prefazione: Maurice Sendak 


collection: album

theme: big questions, stories of the visionary and the absurd  


May 2013 

4 years and older, pages 64, cm. 17x23,5 

isbn 9788896806623,  

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Ann and Ben are on the beach, looking for shells. But, it's time to have a snack: a slice of bread and some jam would be perfect.They spell bread and jam on the sand. The undertow rather than cleaning this spelled wish, magically turns it into reality. And then appear a glass of milk, a candy and, instead of the usual beach umbrella, a big oak tree. Just spell words on the sand, and the tale becomes truth: a fisher king, a forest, a castle...How beautiful is telling a story, becoming the protagonist, rather than reading it. And, if the high tide will cancel this magical world, never fear, the low tide will come back in a while, and a new tale could be written.