Arriva il gatto!

Arriva il gatto!

author Frank Asch 

illustrations of Vladimir Vagin 




collection: album

theme: another point of view recounting diversity overcome fear laughter and smiles 


April 2013 

for children 3 years, pages 32, cm. 20x20 

isbn 9788896806548,  

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HERE COMES THE CAT! The alarm is coming from sky, by a mouse riding in a hot air balloon. The new is on everyone's lips, from field mouses working in the back garden, to mouses travelling by train. The new arrives in town. On the streets, in the houses, in the shops and on the pages of the book, just one sentence: HERE COMES THE CAT! Ans suddently over thousand mouses, mices and rats becomes definite a big shape of an enormous head of cat: is it the end for the mouses or the beginning of a new friendship?