Il pirata e il farmacista

Il pirata e il farmacista

author Robert Louis Stevenson 

illustrations of Henning Wagenbreth 

translation of Damiano Abeni 



collection: stories and novels

theme: another point of view, big questions, recounting the present 


March 2013 

from 7 years and old, pages 40, cm. 24x36 

isbn 9788896806609, € 23,00 

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Ben and Robin are childhood friends.Two terribles boys. a different fate divided them. Robin, wild and enterpreising, conducts honestly his activity as dreaded pirate through South Seas. Ben, to the other side, smarmy and obsequious climbed the ladder and became a respected farmachist. After a long time the pirate came back home and met Ben again With him begins a race to decide who is the richest and the slyest. Ben is the winner: now he is very rich chemist but he achieved all his riches by duplicity and by stealing with deftness. Behind his honest face hides a man without scruples. Rhymes for their story and rhymes for the final exemplary punishment!