Apri la scatola!

Apri la scatola!

author Dorothy Kunhardt 

illustrations of Dorothy Kunhardt 

translation of Elena Fantasia 


rights sold: France, USA 

collection: album

theme: Laughter and smile. Another poit of view. The difficulty of growing up. 


November 2012 

for children 3 years, pages 64, cm. cm. 24,5x17  

isbn 9788896806456, € 15,00 

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Everybody look! Everybody look! Is schouting the circus man showing his little yellow box. The teeniest weeniest teeny teeny teeny weeny dog of the world comes out. Peewee is his name. Everybody loves him: the clown, the fat lady, the elephant, the strong baby, the equilibrist. All the people is running to see this sweety dog. But one day suddenly t Peewee starts growing and becomes a very normal dog. There is no more place for him in the circus, also because he can’t do any trick. The dog is leaving, everybody is crying, but suddenly he starts to grow and grow and grow... For loving who is different, he perfect book to make small the big and big the small.