Le avventure di Huckleberry Finn

Le avventure di Huckleberry Finn

author Antonio Tettamanti 

illustrations of Lorenzo Mattotti 


afterword: Lorenzo Mattotti 

rights sold: France 

collection: comics

theme: Laughter and smile. Another poit of view. Recounting diversity. Overcome fear. The difficulty of growing up. 


October 2012 

for children 8 years, pages 136, cm. 28 x 19,5 

isbn 9788896806425, € 25,00 

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"Person attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted: persons attempting to find moral in it will be banished; person attempting to find a plot in it will be shot". This eloquest warning from the author introduces the extraordinary adventures of Huck, a runaway boy who -light years away from some children today- pluckily escapes the grasps of those who want to exploit or civilise him, travelling along the Mississipi to Ohio and further North still. An unforgettable America, with cowboys and pistoleros, steamboats and slive drivers, which Mattotti illustrates as an "on-the-road- Western". Consequently, persons attempting to find the pleasure of reading -and of freedom- in this book will be amply rewarded. The greatest classic in children's literature, interpreted by one of the top contemporary comics artists.