A che pensi?

A che pensi?

author Laurent Moreau 

illustrations of Laurent Moreau 



rights sold: France 

collection: album

theme: another point of view. Big questions. 


October 2012 

for children 6 years, pages 44, cm. 19,5 x 24 

isbn 9788896806326,  

non disponibile

Hey, are you listening? I'm talking to you! Wht on hearth are you thinking about all day long? Countless time we've been brought back down to earth, jolted by the voice of our mum, or the teacher. Absorbed in ourvinnermost thoughtts, distracted from real life, we daydream and hide unutterable feelings and secret realtionships. And, just as we daydream, so do the people we encounter as we go about our day. Under the outer shell, beneath the paper windows of this book, emotions take on shapes and colours: the impatience for the summer, the need to be alone, a pleasant childhood memory...allowing us to see what goes on in people's heads, beneath their uniforms, masks, roles. And to listen to the multi-coloured moment of silence.