Effetti d'un sogno interrotto

Effetti d'un sogno interrotto

author Luigi Pirandello 

illustrations of Michele Rocchetti 


postafazione: Goffredo Fofi 



theme: Storie visionarie e dell'assurdo, Ridere e Sorridere  


February 2013 

, pages 40, cm. cm. 24 x 32 

isbn 9788896806579,  

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An enormous painting, depicting the “Magdalene in Penitence”, hangs from the walls of an old house. An antique dealer visiting the house owner notices the painting and wants to buy it immediately. His dead wife –the visitor explains– looked amazingly like that Magdalene and he can’t stand the idea that another man should see her naked. Struck by the strong reaction of the widow, that very same night the house owner dreams of the woman jumping out of the painting and flirting with her former husband. Upon awaking, he thinks he sees the widow fleeing from his room, and the Magdalene following him with her eyes. Terrorized, he rushes to see the widow, his mind set on getting rid of the painting, but he finds the widow wearing the same pyjama he wore in his dream. One of the greatest Italian writers of the twentieth century, Luigi Pirandello, in an unpredictable and visionary tale recounted in graphic novel style. A classic enriched by the cubist/futurist illustrations of Michele Ronchetti.