Mai scommettere la testa con il diavolo

Mai scommettere la testa con il diavolo

author Edgar Allan Poe 

illustrations of Giacomo Garelli 

translation of Elena Fantasia 

postafazione: Goffredo Fofi 





February 2013 

, cm. cm. 24 x 32  

isbn 9788896806593,  

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Amongst Dammit’s worst habits, the most vulgar and deep-rooted one is that of finishing all his sentences with “I’ll bet my head with the Devil”. He wastes his life away until the day he bets with his friend Edgar Allan Poe, that he can jump a gate at the end of a low bridge. His friend turns down the offer, but an elegant and intriguing looking man appears from nowhere, and accepts the challenge in his stead. Therefore, Dammit is forced to jump. He runs up, and leaps into the air, but his agile jump is interrupted half way through. He falls backwards, and his body lies on the floor, without head. This exhilarating dark story was written by the great Edgar Allan Poe as an answer to the moralists who criticized the absence of morality in his works. Fellini also drew inspiration from this story for an episode of the film “Histoires Extraordinaires” (Spirit of the Dead). In this book designed for refined readers, the powerful text is accompanied by the spectacular illustrations of Giacomo Garelli, one of the greatest young Italian talents.