author Goele Dewanckel 

illustrations of Goele Dewanckel 



rights sold: Spanish and Brazilian language 

collection: album

theme: another point of view, recounting the present, recounting diversity, big question, the difficulty of growing up  


February 2013 

for children 6 years, pages 32, cm. 21 x 27,4 

isbn 9788896806289, € 15,00 

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Beso, puthje, suudlus, pocałunek, cusan, öpücük, beijo, kuss, petó, baiser, polibek, csók, kiss… Consonants, vowels, different accents, all defining one of the most universal demonstrations of affection. Goele Dewanckel blends them all together in that “Esperanto” of languages which drawing has always been. Among the colours, gestures and expressions of so many different lovers, in a book without words, the words seem to come to the surface and seek each other out. Their message? That love is always a good thing, that there are no right or wrong kinds of love. And above all, that each kiss is a revolution.