Janet la Storta

Janet la Storta

author Robert Louis Stevenson 

illustrations of Maurizio A. C. Quarello 

translation of Paola Splendore 

afterword by: Goffredo Fofi 





May 2012 

, pages 64, cm. 24 x 32 

isbn 9788896806388,  

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“And from that moment on, he became the man you know today.” What happened to Reverend Murdoch on the night of August 17 1712, on the warm, muggy Scottish moors, amidst languishing willows on the riverbanks and the sinister creaking of a haunted house? And who has assumed the disguise of Janet, the lame old lady employed as the good reverend’s housekeeper? There are thrills and chills right up to the last page, when the black man runs far, far away and melts in the sun. The lights victoriously swallow up the evil creature. Who, however, when seen running away from behind, bears a striking resemblance to old Murdoch himself… Stevenson’s favourite themes of the split personality and the struggle between good and evil, reinterpreted through the eyes of an extraordinary illustrator who revokes the black of Goya and the sublime work of Böcklin.