L'età d'oro

L'età d'oro


author Spider 

illustrations of Spider 




collection: stories and novels



September 2012 

for children 8 years, pages 56, cm. 19 x 23,5 

isbn 9788896806364,  

non disponibile

An insect artist, snubbed because he’s misunderstood. A brilliant yet greedy carpenter who invents incredible singing nails. A business-minded undertaker, who finds a thousand corpses invading his house. An apple orchard which rebels against a deaf farmer. Two heroic babysitting bullets, adored by whole families of squirrels. An injured motorbike, adopted by a wild girl…This isn’t the cast of some imaginary film, but the latest freewheeling adventure from Spider. It’s hard to resist when such exuberance and tenderness are rolled into one.