L'sola di fuoco N. E.

L'sola di fuoco N. E.

author Emilio Salgàri 

illustrations of Luca Caimmi 


Afterword: Paola Pallottino 



theme: Stories of the visionary and the absurd, Recounting the present 


February 2012 

, pages 48, cm. 24 x 32 

isbn 9788896806333,  

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A calm sea. A starry sky. A gentle breeze. Suddenly, a flash, then a fork of lightning, then a second, and a third. Then comes a crash. There is an increasingly acrid smell of sulphur and crude oil. The sea boils up, and along come the flames. Tongues of bluish fire flicker through the waves and proceed to spread rapidly. In the centre, also on fire, is a mysterious island, the Island of Fire. But even more mysterious and worrying is how it disappears. Swallowed up by the sea, the island sinks, taking smoke, fire and flames with it. And then the sea goes quiet again. On the flat surface lies a vast expanse of dead fish. One of the biggest catastrophes of our time takes place before the astonished crew of a ship from another era. Nobody could give a feasible explanation at the time. Now, we can.