Capitan Omicidio N. E.

Capitan Omicidio N. E.

author Charles Dickens 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 

translation of Angela Ragusa 




theme: Stories of the visionary and the absurd, Another point of view 


February 2012 

, pages 28, cm. 24 x 32 

isbn 9788896806258,  

non disponibile

An unpublished Bluebeard! An extraordinarily retelling by Charles Dickens. His response to those edifying books for children he so earnestly detested, describing them as “literature that produces idiots.” A masterpiece of black humour that magnificently combines parody and the grotesque, expertly translated into Italian by Angela Ragusa. Dreamlike and poetic, Fabian Negrin’s images take the story into a realm where anything is possible. An astonishing book that leaves one breathless right up to the finale, when a woman’s shrewdness literally makes the perfidious Captain disappear.