author Fausta Orecchio 

illustrations of Olivier Douzou 




collection: album

theme: Another point of view, Laughter and smiles, Stories of the visionary and the absurd 


March 2012 

for children 8 years, pages 54, cm. 21 x 29,5 

isbn 9788896806340,  

non disponibile

The grandma and the wolf, the princess and the pea, the swan and the duckling: the characters have escaped from the fairy tales which have kept them confined to their roles for centuries. Now they can create new, different stories. So the pea finds the princess under the mattress, and the little mermaid lets the prince drown in order to save the ship… But the rules of the game are strict: they must tell their stories in seventy-seven words in total – no more, no less. And with only twelve shapes and seven colours to illustrate their stories. From Fable-B-C to Fable-Be-Bop, from Fable-Back to Melo-Fable, eight style exercises in a book that’s both pyrotechnical and a never-ending game. For readers to continue with the Fabla-bla-bla game which is included.