I musicanti di Brema

I musicanti di Brema

author Jacob e Wilhelm Grimm 

illustrations of Claudia Palmarucci 

translation of Anita Raja 



collection: album

theme: Another point of view, Recounting the present, Recounting diversity, Big questions 


March 2012 

for children 8 years, pages 36, cm. 21 x 30,5  

isbn 9788896806241,  

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A chronically fatigued donkey, a rickety dog, a half-blind cat, a rooster that’s all skin and bones. They’ve worked all their lives but they’re exhausted now and can’t do it anymore. For their owners, who have exploited them until they can’t go on, without so much as a break or a pat on the back, these animals have become a drag - useless mouths to feed who must be got rid of as soon as possible. With this death sentence hanging over them, they escape far, far away to make a new life for themselves. But the journey is terrible, the night is freezing, they’re extremely hungry. Naturally, they encounter some bandits. Who, in Claudia Palmarucci’s reinterpretation, wear suits and ties. Rich, esteemed bandits. Respectable outlaws. So respectable, in fact, that they bring to mind lots of present-day lawbreakers. A timeless classic, for rediscovering dignity and justice in our time.