Il grande cavallo blu

Il grande cavallo blu

author Irène Cohen-Janca 

illustrations of Maurizio A. C. Quarello 

translation of Paolo Cesari 



collection: album



April 2012 

for children 10 year, pages 44, cm. 16,8 x 24 

isbn 978-88-96806-22-7,  

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Paolo lives in Trieste, the town of bora. He goes to school, loves cream pastries, and lives in San Giovanni’s hospital. A very particular hospital, where doctors attend who suffers from soul. As laundress’s son, he’s the only child here, and his bosom friend is Marco, the old horse in charge to carry bundles of lines. Shut up in the hospital, he spends his time together the man-spinning top, the woman-barefoot, the man-tree... Until the day when a new doctor, obstinate like the bora and stark raving mad, decides to unbound all the patients and pull down the railings. His name is Franco Basaglia.