Gli stranieri

Gli stranieri

author Armin Greder 

illustrations of Armin Greder 

translation of Rosa Chefiuta & Co 



collection: album



June 2012 

for children 11 year, pages 32, cm. 21,3 x 31,5 

isbn 9788896806302, € 15,00 

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An ancient land, home to a people. On this land they looked after their goats and waited for the olives. One day, the Strangers appear, to reclaim their land: once they lived there, then they have been away for a long time and they have suffered much, and now they are coming back to rest. Two reasons are fighting. A wall is dividing them. How long? After the world success of “The Island” (2002) and of “The City” (2009) – his work is published also in Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, United States and Australia - Armin Greder has created a new picture book about his dearest themes: the lost dialogue , the possible cohabitation, the human right to life and happyness.