author Lev Tolstoj 

illustrations of Maja Celija 

translation of Olga Romanova 

afterword by: Goffredo Fofi 





May 2012 

, pages 36, cm. 24 X 32 

isbn 9788896806265,  

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"A ship was on its homeward journey. The weather was pleasant. All the passengers were on the deck. A monkey was scampering over the ship amusing the passengers, everyone was laughing. Suddendly the monkey ran over to a twelve-year-old boy, the son of the ship's captain, and snatched his cap from his head." A spiteful monkey. A hat stolen, and minced. A father at a crossroads. And a shot. Unexpected, unacceptable as dangerous, but necessary. Like love. On the open sea, between sails and tenders, a boy ridiculed has experience of anger, of heat, and of emptiness. He accepts the challenge and follows closely the monkey until the upper yard, but suddenly he becomes scared. Lev Tolstoi describes all the emotional variations that happen inside the boy, the crew, the travellers, and the father’s boy. An overpowering tale, a breathtaking running, a leap in the imaginary of our affectivity.