Mio Miao

Mio Miao


author Sandol Stoddard 

illustrations of Remy Charlip 

translation of Francesca Lazzarato 



collection: album



February 2012 

for children 4 years, pages 48, cm. 20,5 x 22,2 

isbn 978-88-96806-21-0,  

non disponibile

A child and a cat. His own cat. A lot of caresses to receive and of beautiful things to do together: but his own cat always refuses all them. “You’re mine!” says the child. “Come back here, stay, play, lie down now, turn around... Hey wait, where are you going?”. Everybody knows that it’s impossible to have a cat. Maybe a dog, or a hamster. But a cat, never. A cat doesn’t allow anyone to decide on him and his life. But a cat knows how love someone, and how to be loved. The wonderful friendship between a child and his very own special particular private personal cat.